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Stachys - lambs ears, woundwort or heal-all - are perennials that are grown for the their popular soft hairy foliage. There are a couple of varieties that made this plant well know and that is Stachys byzantina Silver Carpet and Big Ears, thats because they have large, silvery grey, super soft leaves and fantastic yellow candle like flowers. The best thing about the silver foliage is that you know they can tolerate dry poor soils. They are excellent for children to feel and are used regularly in sensory gardens. Once you have found and seen this plant you will soon fall in love with the other varieties as well, such as humello as it has heavily textured green leaves and whorls of purple flowers, this variety likes normal soil with sunshine. There is a plant that will suit your need whether it is a groundcover or a nice upright perennial that can go in the middle of the border. Stachys make a lovely infusion tea that can be made with freshly chopped, dried or powdered leaves, it has always been said that it can help with sore throats, upset tummies and minor fevers!!



  1. Stachys Big Ears 2 litre Pot

    Stachys Big Ears 2 litre Pot


    Stachys Big Ears forms a carpet of intense silver coloured soft downy leaves with small purple flowers in summer. 

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