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Rosmarinus - rosemary -  are a heavenly fragrant perennial. It has thin bright green foliage contrasting white on the reverse giving the whole plant a silvery grey hue. Masses of lavender blue flowers from spring through till late summer.  They are probably the nicest and most ornamental of all the herbs. They like most soils types but do best in free draining poor soil in a very warm position. They are used in cooking and potpourri as well as essential oils. Tried and tested right here - take sprigs of the rosemary plant and pop it in a mug of boiling water and it will cure headaches. It's name is said to come from a blue cloak of the virgin Mary laid over white rosemary that turned the white flowers blue. Rose of Mary

  1. rosemary

    Rosmarinus Officinalis 3 Litre Pot


    Rosemary are aromatic perennials with narrow silver green foliage and small purplish blue flowers appear from mid spring to late summer Learn More