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Primula or primrose are hardy clump forming semi evergreen perennials, that in winter reduce to a smaller clump. Primulas have excellent flowering periods that last ages and if pruned can come back again later in the season, a must have in any border! The flowers are are lovely and brightly coloured on top of naked stems that sit amongst a huge mass of long mid green lance shaped flowers. Time for the bad news as all plants do have a negative, slugs and snails love them and I mean they go crazy! All leaves will be munched but the the pretty flowers do make up for it, but a winner is that rabbits and deers won't go for them a much. They are very easy to grow and once planted can be abandoned if you don't feel like the work, the like pretty much all soil and can take what little sun we do have.

  1. Primula Vialii 2 Litre Pot

    Primula Vialii 1.5 Litre Pot


    Primula Vialii have stout stems that carry blue violet flowers that open from deep red buds.

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