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Lavandula - lavender are traditional perennials that are so sweetly smelling they are perfect for pots and planted on mass to enjoy. They have thin silver-grey leaves with masses of lovely violet and blue flowers that are so attractive to butterflies and bees. Lavenders are used for all sorts these days, perfumes, cooking and decoration. They are a good all rounder perennial that never disappoints.

  1. lavender

    Lavender angustifolia Hidcote 2 Litre Pot

    Lavender Angustifolia Hidcote or an English lavender has dense spikes of fragrant blue flowers and fragrant foliage. It makes a beautiful hedge with the smells and flowers attracting bees and butterflies.

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  2. Lavender French Mixed 2 Litre Pot

    Lavender French Mixed 2 Litre Pot


    A mixture of french lavenders in 2 litres. Pink, blue and dark blue flowers. Minimum of 3 plants Learn More
  3. hidcote

    Lavender Hidcote 5 Litre Pot

     Lavender Angustifolia Hidcote, dense spikes of fragrant blue flowers from mid to late summer with narrow aromatic silver-grey foliage

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  4. Lavender Angustifolia

    Lavender Angustifolia 7.5 Litre Pot

    English Lavender - aromatic evergreen perennials that are grown for their fragrant foliage and deep purple flowers. Ideal for a dwarf hedge, especially by open doors and windows

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