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Euphorbia also known as spurges are semi evergreen perennials or succulents. They have small foliage and very unusual flowers as they don't actually have any petals they have very small and colourful leaves that make up the flower, they do the same job and come across to us as petals. They attract all kinds of insects that act as pollinators. They are very good and like pretty much all soils, sun and shelter. The spent flower heads can be pruned but this is best done wearing gloves as the stems contain a milky white sap that can irrate the skin.

  1. Euphorbia Redwing 2 Litre

    Euphorbia Redwing 2 Litre Pot


    Euphorbia Redwing or Spurge has mid green leaves suffused purple-red and heads of light green disc-shaped flower bracts with yellow eyes are carried for several weeks in spring.


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  2. Euphorbia Martinii

    Euphorbia Martinii 3 Litre Pot


    Euphorbia martinii are semi evergreen perennials they have mid green leaves suffused purple and red heads of light green disc shaped flowers bracts with bright red eyes, Learn More