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Dicentra's are also known as bleeding hearts due to the beautifully delicate flowers. They are a lovely perennial that come back bigger and better each year. They have  divided green foliage and in spring they have arching stems carrying gorgeous heart shaped flowers that last ages - once they have flowered if you trim them back and we have a nice warm summer they can sometimes flower again. They like to be planted in warm sunny spots if possible. 

  1. Dicentra Spectabilis 2 Litre Pot

    Dicentra Spectabilis 2 Litre Pot


    Dicentra Spectabilis forms fern like deeply cut, light green foliage with arching branches topped with heart shaped pink flowers.

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  2. Dicentra Luxuriant

    Dicentra Luxuriant 2 Litre Pot


    Dicentra Luxuriant is a spreading, tufted perennial that bears green foliage and a wonderful display of red heart shaped flowers

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