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Campanula also has the name bell flower, you can always find a variety that will suit your need whether it be a ground cover to under plant with or droop in pots and baskets or an upright variety that looks lovely in a mixed border with a good height. The leaves tend to be rounded and green and the flowers are fantastic they last from late spring all they way through summer. The flowers can also vary from dainty star shaped to beautiful drooping bell shaped flowers. They are ideal for rock gardens and mixed flower borders they don't like wet winters - but they nobody does. Plant in good soil and sun or shade and as usual dead head to keep the plant looking its best at all times.

  1. Campanula portenschlagiana 2 Litre

    Campanula portenschlagiana 2 Litre


    Carpeting miniature bell flower. Small nodding blue flowers all summer

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  2. Campanula Lactiflora 2 litre pot

    Campanula Lactiflora Pouffe 2 litre pot


    Campanula lactifora has masses of bell shaped purple flowers during the summer, the leaves tend to be rounded and green. Learn More
  3. white pouffe

    Campanula Lactiflora White Pouffe 2 Litre Pot


    Campanula White Pouffe produces tubular star shaped white flowers in summer Learn More
  4. Campanula pyramidalis 2 Litre Pot

    Campanula pyramidalis 2 Litre Pot


    Towers of green foliage topped with chimneys of pale blue and white flower from early summer to late autumn

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  5. Ceratostigma Forest Blue 3 Litre Pot

    Ceratostigma Forest Blue 3 Litre Pot


    Ceratostigma Forest Blue is woody ground cover perennial with pretty lime coloured leaves that colour red in the autumn. They bear clusters of rich blue flowers in late summer. 

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