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Aquilegia has many common names such as columbine or grannies nightcap/bonnet. They are clump forming perennials which are grown for their rosettes of deeply lobed blue-green leaves. They have distinctive bell-shaped flowers with colourful, spurred petals which come in many colours from purple to yellow. They like to grow amongst other perennials or shrubs for a little support and dapple shade. They can tolerate all soils as well as drought but do not like water logging. The seeds and roots are poisonous. They can be a little short lived but freely reproduce themselves from seeds, so you should always have them.

  1. Aquilegia caerulea Crimson Star

    Aquilegia caerulea Crimson Star 2 Litre Pot


    Crimson bell shaped flowers Learn More
  2. Aquilegia alpina

    Aquilegia Alpina 2 Litre Pot


    Aquilegia Alpina are a beautiful perennial with slightly nodding purple flowers sat aginst green foliage

    Learn More