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Lonicera Hedging

Lonicera - honeysuckle shrub - a wonderful alternative to buxus hedging. It has small oval glossy foliage that is tightly knitted together so it forms a dense, compact hedge.  It is a fast growing hedge that has a high tolerance of clipping - this can can be done on a regular basis so it creates a formal looking hedge. It is excellent as it can be planted anywhere and in in any position.

Clipping Lonicera Hedging

With it being a quick growing hedge it needs pruning twice a year and then tidy up an straggly branches. Can also be done using headge shears to save on time


Doesn't like to sit in water

Feeding Lonicera

Like with any hedging it just needs regular feeding with chicken pellets or bonemeal

  1. Lonicera Nitida Lemon Beauty 5 Litre

    Lonicera Nitida Lemon Beauty 5 Litre Pot


    Lemon Beauty are fast growing, evergreen shrub that has small oval dark green leaves with a golden egde and pretty little flowers in spring

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  2. Lonicera Nitida Baggesens Gold

    Lonicera Nitida Baggesens Gold 5 Litre pot


    Lonicera are an evergreen shrub with densley packed small golden yellow leaves

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