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Hawthorn Hedging

Hawthorn the perfect native English hedge, excellent for stopping unwanted visitors into the garden. Their main function is to stop livestock. if you have a big garden or a barrier to a field they are the perfect choice. They are deciduous, but the branches will still form a prickly barrier. They have glossy green, deeply lobed foliage and lovely flat sprays of cream fragrant flowers followed by dark red berries. It is the perfect hedger to invite the wildlife into the garden. The brids can feed on the berries and nest inside where they are protected by the thorns. Hawthorn grows about 2-3 foot a year - nearly a metre!


Pruning hawthorn is a nice easy job if you don't let it get away from you. You are best starting at the top of the hedge and working your way down. Normally it is best to have the hedge a little bit wider at the bottom than top, this allows light to the bottom helping it stay leafy.

Likes and Dislikes

Crataegus are very easy to grow and don't have many dislikes. You should keep an eye out for caterpillars in early spring as they can ruin the hedge, quick action with a insecticide will do the trick. They are ideal for coastal areas and exposed gardens and in all types of soils, they can even withstand wet soils.


Hawthorn don't really need feeding was they are established as all you do is make more clipping


When you are ready to plant bare root you can simplify the process by placing your spade in loose soil prising the soil apart and tucking the roots down into the floor and re-firm the soil around the plant closing the gap. We would suggest that through out the winter you check they are still firmed in as you don't want they wind to rock the roots as this could stop them from establishing in the spring.



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