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Fagus, beech hedging

Fagus - Beech is a traditional english hedger, it has lovely green or copper purple, oval foliage that changes to yellow and then a rich russet brown in Autumn. They do tend to keep hold of some of the leaves during the Winter months but they are mainly a deciduous plant. The leaves then start to bud up round February / March time and the leaves open from April onwards depending on the weather.

Clipping Beech Hedging

Beech hedging should be pruned once or twice a year depening on how quickly it grows. In the second year of being planted it will grow quicker as it becomes more established. We would suggest pruning the hedge with loppers or if you have the time using secatueurs as it will leave the hedge looking tidier.


The beech hedging doesn't really have any dislikes other than it doesn't want to sit wet. If you do have a wet flower bed you would be best looking at hornbeam.

Feeding Beech Hedge

The best feed for beech hedging is bonemeal and fish blood and bone, this can be done through out the growing season, normally in late Spring and again late Summer

  1. Green Beech 2 Litre Pot 60/80cm

    Regular Price: £3.60

    Special Price £2.95

    Green beech - height 60-80cm, plant 3 / 5 to the metre.

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  2. Beech Hedging 5 Litre Pot 80-100cm - Green

    Beech Hedging 5 Litre Pot 80-100cm - Green


    Fagus, beech are deciduous classic plants, they are well suited to dry areas, green foliage colour. Plant distance 40-50cm apart

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  3. Purple Beech 5 Litre Pot

    Purple Beech 5 Litre Pot 100-120cm


    Purple beech is a traditional hedge with oval purple foliage that changes to bronze in autumn. For a hedge plant 2 or 3 to the metre or more for an instant screen

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