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Buxus or Box Hedging

If you want a small, very slow growing evergreen hedge, pick Box. Box hedging has been so popular for making formal hedges and to define borders. Buxus Sempervirens is a faster growing form and makes a tight, dwarf hedge quite quickly. It grows about 2/3 inches (7cm) each season and is known as common box. It can be grown as a hedge to any height or clipped to all sorts of shapes.Box have beautiful, luxuriantly glossy green, small round leaves, packed tightly.
When it comes to choose the size and box you want, there are a couple of options:
Container Grown Box
Box hedging in containers means that it has been grown in pots. With container grown, you can plant them all year round, as the roots are self contained in a pot and don't suffer from any disturbance when planting.
To plant a container grown box dig the hole to the same depth as they are in the pot - no deeper - and then back fill firming it down the whole time with nice multi purpose compost or rich soil. Once planted the crucial part is making sure it is watered enough - not too much so they end up sitting wet all the time but enough to stop them from going dry.
Bare Root Box
Bare root box are only available from November to February as they are dug up in the dormant season - this is when they are not growing. They can be a little trickier to establish as the roots have been chopped, but if you look after them, then you should not lose any. The bare root box will arrive to you with the plant and the roots with no soil on. If you are unable to plant them straight away then make sure they are in a sheltered site and the roots are covered over withdamp compost or hessian sacks. When you come to plant them, again dig yourself a little trench and fold the roots over and back fill with the compost. These need to be really firmed down and refirmed after strong winds and rain. Again keep them well watered for the next growing season.
Root Ball Box
Again these are available in dormant seasons of November through to February. These are different to bare root, as they are dug up out of the field and the roots are wrapped up in a ball (so you will get soil) held together by netting this should be left on as the roots will grow through it. To help keep them moist we do tend to pot them with nice moist compost and water them regularly
Clipping Box
I think no-one can not have heard it said many times by gardening experts that you trim your box on the longest day of the year. Truth is you can clip them any time you like, but better in summer and not on a very hot day or a wet day. Use a sharp pair of shears and cut away. They are very rewarding and fun to trim especially the shapes.
What Box Likes and Dislikes
Apart from dog urine and being careful not to treat them with lawn weed and feed, they will thrive in all positions and soils. In full sun they can go a bit yellowy, but you can feed and trim that out.
Feeding Box Hedging
We now offer a new product TopBuxus Health Mix, specially designed to keep box plants at heir best, the nutrients are absorbed directly through the foliage, to go with this there is a TopBuxus Grow, perfect for keeping foliage beautiful and clean and encouraging new growth.

  1. Box Hedging 1.5 litre Pot Height 25cm

    Regular Price: £2.50

    Special Price £2.00

    We suggest 6 plants to the metre.

    Learn More
  2. box

    Box Hedging 2 litre Pot 30cm


    Box hedging - 30cm tall and bushy pot grown. For touching hedge plant 5/metre Learn More

  3. Euonymus Japonicus Green Spider 5 Litre Pot

    Regular Price: £9.80

    Special Price £8.50

    Dark green foliage that from 6 feet looks just like box hedging. So why use it, well if you have had blight and are worried about a recurrence, it's one of the better alternatives. It stays green and flushes with sweet new lime green growth. We only have 75, so get them quick. They are 45/50cm tall and 25/30cm wide in a uniform column. Plant 3/metre for an instant dense hedge. Only available in multiples of 25 enough for 8M Learn More
  4. Box Tray

    Box Hedging 10 Plants in a Tray 10-15cm

    Box hedging, 10-15cm high. If you are looking to create an instant looking hedge we suggest planting between 7-10 to the metre. At just 77p each, this is an ideal and cost effective way to create a lovely, formal hedge. 

    Learn More
  5. Box Hedging Jumbo 6 Plants in a Tray 25cm Internet Special Price

    Regular Price: £17.50

    Special Price £15.40

    Box hedging, 25cm high. In a handy tray for easy planting, these bushy buxus are a great way to get a formal hedge at little outlay at only £2.50 each.1 pack to the metre

    Learn More
  6. Box Hedging Root Ball 80-100cm

    Box Hedging 20 Litre Pot 70-80cm


    Chunky Box hedging measuring 70-80cmhigh! We suggest 2 to the metre 


    Learn More
  7. Instant Box Hedging Trough 30cm High INTERNET ONLY OFFER

    Regular Price: £30.00

    Special Price £25.00

    Instant Box Hedging trough is perfect for creating a quick and easy screen, that can be kept in the decorative pots. The length of the trough is 45cm, height of the box is 30cm and 15-20cm wide. Ideal for creating partitions within the garden, balconies or pavement cafes.

    Learn More
  8. Box Hedging Root Ball 80+cm Extra Wide

    Regular Price: £39.50

    Special Price £30.00

    The fattest bushes we have ever had. You could trim them as a column. 2 to metre would give instant hedge. Or you could keep them as columns. 80cm high and 50cm wide. Potted into a 40 litre pot.

    Learn More
  9. Instant Box Hedging Trough 30cm High 25cm Wide ON LINE ORDERS ONLY

    Regular Price: £42.00

    Special Price £35.50

    The length of the trough is 60cm, height of the hedge is 30cm and 20-25cm wide. They are planted in decorative deep troughs suitable for them to stay in long term. Overall height of 60cm. Ideal for creating partitions within the garden, balconies or pavement cafes.

    Learn More