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Tsuga also known as hemlock. Medium to large sized evergreen conifers, the branches on most varieties tends to droop down slightly. The foliage is borne singly and are arranged spirally on the stem. Tsuga's are more tolerant of heavy shade positions, and can withstand very cold areas with heavy snow, rain, wind. Te perfect conifer really, and doesn't need much maintenance work.


  1. jeddeloh

    Tsuga canadensis Jeddeloh 15 Litre Pot


    Tsuga Jeddeloh is a compact dwarf conifer with arching branches that bear short green leaves, with bright green new growth, Learn More
  2. Tsuga canadensis Pendula 45

    Tsuga canadensis Pendula 45 Litre Pot


    Tsuga canadensis Pendula is a weeping, upright mound of layered greenery. Looks particularly beautiful grown over a wall. Learn More