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Cedrus - cedar - are large evergreen conifers with needle like leaves spiral shoots. They have cones that break up and release seeds whilst still attached to the tree. Some species have a spreading habit or an upright habit. Cedrus can grow up to 12 meters tall and 8 meters wide and will need a lot of space to reach its full potential and this can take 50 years or more. Cedar are very hardy and best used as low maintenance tree or a feature conifer.

  1. Cedrus Deodara Feeling Blue 5 Litre Pot

    Cedrus Deodara Feeling Blue Mini Standard 12 Litre Pot


    Cedrus Feeling Blue is a grafted conifer with pendant blue tinted branched. They are very architectural and look fantastic on their own as a specimen. Stem height 40cm 

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  2. cedrus

    Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula 130 Litre Pot Full Standard


    Cedrus atlantica glauca pendula is a beautiful weeping conifer with silvery blue foliage that is even brighter in spring. Learn More