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Abies - fir - are large bushy conical shaped evergreen conifers. With spiral like branches, on the upper branches they have large beautiful cones that open up whist still on the tree. Left untouched these plants can grow up to 12 meters. Perfect for low maintenance screening as they require no pruning. Abies like all positions and well drained moist soils and are a very hardy conifer.

  1. abies basamea nana 12

    Abies Balsamea Nana 12 Litre Pot 40cm


    Abies Balsamea Nana - dwarf balsam fir - fantastic dwarf evergreen conifer with densley packed green foliage with light green new growth

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  2. Abies Procera Obrighoven

    Abies Procera Obrighoven 65 Litre Pot


    Abies Procera Obrighoven forms a dense Christmas tree like conifer with glaucous blue foilage  

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  3. Picea Abies Pyramidalis - Norway Spruce

    Abies Nordmanniana 130 Litre Pot


    Abies Nordmanniana is a Caucasian Fir and is a traditional christmas tree shape with lovely green foliage

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